Dragon Boat Paddling

Friday 24th May 2019 (13km race)
Saturday 25th May 2019 (200m races)
Sunday 26th May 2019 (if required)
* these dates will be applicable if there are enough registrations for heats of Friday and Saturday, with finals on Sunday

Start times: early morning depending on tides
Finish times: midday each day

Open Water Race: around Admiralty Island
200m Race: location tba

Minimum Age
40 (men and women). Competitors must have turned 40 by 24th May 2019.

Age Groups

Sport fee: $50 per person (included the 13km and the 200m if you wish)
Games Registration Fee: $88 per person in addition to sport fee.

FRIDAY 24 MAY: 13km race around Admiralty Island - time final (heats will be determined by numbers attending)
Possible categories: 20's Open, Women's and DA

SATURDAY 25 MAY: 200m race - 10's
Categories: Open, Mixed, Women's and DA

If you are in need of a team, please select the team named "I need a Dragon Boat team" and use PIN 1234. The sport convenor will then allocate you to a team.

Sport Organiser:
Cairns Dragon Boat Club
Sport Coordinator: Lorraine Stewart
Phone: 0402 791 661 
Email: president@cairnsdragonboatclub.com

Additional Information

Further information forthcoming, schedules and age groups will be dependent upon the number of registrations.

  • Non-playing officials (coaches, trainers etc) will be eligible for a medal if your team wins
  • To register as a non-playing official please complete the registration process and select 'non-playing official'